To build our home

We bought five and a half acres of woods and rock in Pemberton, British Columbia.


01.2019 Renderings

We’ve been iterating on lots of details over the past few months. The exterior dimensions have been locked in since the foundation was poured, so our focus has been on the interiors as well as some landscape and grading considerations. These are the latest models that account for all the decisions we’ve made so far.

Site overview This view shows the built area of the property. There’s a few hundred feet of sparse forest and grassy area on the lower slope down to the road. The bulk of the property is above the built area and is heavily forested with steep sections of rock.

Northeast entry


Pool deck
Exterior living area has a fireplace, hot tub, and trellis-covered seating.

East elevation

South elevation
The fence is required by code for the pool, and also a way to keep large animals out of the immediate house area and garden.

The interior floorplan is ~2600 sq. ft. The exterior deck is ~1600 sq. ft.


The northeast room is intended for mixed use. It has a sliding wooden door that will be open most of the time for use as a library and media room. When closed it can convert to a spare bedroom (with pullout couch) or a study.

The kitchen opens onto the pool deck via a sliding door. There’s a towel room and powder at the west end, and a walk-in pantry at the east end.

Kitchen and dining
The kitchen, dining, and living room are all part of a large open concept space on a slightly lower elevation from the private level of the house. A linear kitchen, long island and bar seating face a woodstove hearth and bench and seating with a view to the Garibaldi mountain range.

Kitchen fireplace

01.2019 Site Progress

We have (some) walls! Framing is well underway. Here’s hoping the snow holds off. 🤞🏼

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