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Right now I’m writing Building Slack with my friend Ali Rayl. Stories of building Slack — the company, the product, the business, and the culture — told by two employees who were around for the entire journey.

I was recently interviewed about this on It Shipped That Way.

Some personal posts I’ve written when I had something I needed to say.
Reflections on turning forty.

Lessons learned from professional burnout.

The death of Glitch
Pivoting from a failed game to a unicorn startup.

Memories from growing up in rural Ontario.
A man on fireThe experience of being a first responder at a car accident.

At home on the internetGetting online, going abroad, and coming back to where I started.

Who belongs here
A short story about a man, an alpaca, and a bear in the Canadian wilderness.
So what is this mind of ours: what are these atoms with consciousness? Last week’s potatoes! They now can remember what was going on in my mind a year ago—a mind which has long ago been replaced. To note that the thing I call my individuality is only a pattern or dance, that is what it means when one discovers how long it takes for the atoms of the brain to be replaced by other atoms. The atoms come into my brain, dance a dance, and then go out—there are always new atoms, but always doing the same dance, remembering what the dance was yesterday.

Richard Feynman